Oversize and Wide Load Transportation in Kansas

Need help relocating an oversize load from one location to another safely and expeditiously? Billman’s Trucking is here to assist you with an unparalleled level of expertise and a tenured track record of safety you can count on.

Our entire fleet of drivers has experience with wide load transportation in Kansas, and we understand the dynamics of transporting an over-dimensional asset. From properly flagging the load, to mapping and following the ideal route, to safety concerns and beyond, trust us to undertake the task of relocation properly and with a foresight for safety.

  • Flagging and marking: We know how to properly flag and mark an oversized load while in transit, to keep you in compliance with DOT and interstate laws. Your load will be clearly flagged so everyone recognizes its oversized nature.
  • Route mapping: We’ll help you cover the logistics of oversize load transportation by mapping an ideal route—one that avoids the perils of narrow roads, weight-limit roads, bridges, low-hanging powerlines and more.
  • Road safety: Driving with an oversized load in tow demands safety and awareness of the highest caliber. Our drivers are experienced in exhibiting an unparalleled level of awareness and safety, to ensure everyone on the road—including your cargo—is safe while in transit.

We’ve hauled numerous superload capacities before and are well-equipped to take on your need for oversize load transportation in Kansas. Whether you’re going a short distance from one worksite to another, or you’re going across state lines for a long-distance relocation, know we’re your trusted partners for the entire distance.

Serving all industries

No matter the nature of your oversize load, know that Billman’s Trucking can assist you in transporting it. We’ve worked in tandem with a number of specific industries to offer transportation for a bevy of unique load types. From construction to aerospace, heavy machinery to raw materials and beyond, we’re lauded for our ability to properly and professionally transport your oversize load in any and all conditions.

Contact us today

For more information about our capabilities or to inquire about your oversized load, get in touch with us today by calling 620-421-5558. We’ll be happy to work with you regarding the logistics of your project and can provide you with details upon consultation. We haul throughout the entire State of Kansas and are prepared to take your oversized load from border to border and beyond.