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Looking for Manufactured Home Movers in Kansas?

When you have a mobile home, you know it won’t be easy to move. In fact, most trailer homes or manufactured homes, aren’t really mobile at all once they’re installed. But sometimes life gets in the way, and you need to move your manufactured home to another town or even a nearby state. Besides the physical and logistical difficulties involved in moving these types of homes, moving a manufactured home also involves things like permits and making sure your trailer home is up to the current codes wherever you’re moving it to.

At Billman’s Mobile Home Moving, LLC, we can help you with every aspect of moving your manufactured, trailer, or mobile home anywhere in Kansas and the surrounding states. Because we’ve been in the business of moving manufactured homes for over 5 decades, not only do we understand the logistics involved when it comes to moving these kinds of homes, but we also have the equipment it takes to safely transport your manufactured home to your new neighborhood or trailer park.

Our Mobile Home Service Involves More than Moving

But there’s more to moving your manufactured home than just transporting it. And you can’t move it yourself or trust an unlicensed or uninsured mover with the job. Why? Because when it’s time to move your manufactured home, it has to be prepared for the journey it will take, whether that trip is a few miles or clear across Kansas. As a result, to help make your trailer home move as easy as possible, the movers here at Billman’s Mobile Home Moving, LLC, provide mobile home services that involve a lot more than moving your manufactured home.

Take a look at the range of services our manufactured home movers can provide no matter where your move takes you whether it’s in Kansas or beyond.

  • Mobile Home Home Preparation Service: Our movers will prepare your manufactured home for the move, including removing additions, porches, sheds & air conditioning as well as re-installing wheels so it can be safely towed.
  • Mobile Home Moving Service: We can transport your manufactured home any location you specify throughout Kansas and the surrounding states.
  • Mobile Home Installation Service: It’s not enough to move your manufactured home. It will need to be installed once it arrives. Our movers can install your new home too.
  • Mobile Home Re-level Service: Whether you’re moving your trailer home or your manufactured home is no longer sitting correctly, our trailer home movers also provide mobile home re-leveling services throughout Kansas.

So, no matter where you need to move your mobile home too, you can always rely on Billman’s Mobile Home Moving, LLC. Call us today to take a headache out of moving your mobile home!