Construction and Farming Equipment Transportation in Kansas

When work finishes on your construction project and you require heavy equipment be transported to the next jobsite, get in touch with Billman’s Trucking for a job done right. Or, if you’re a farmer who requires large equipment relocation, make the choice for excellence in choosing us. We have a depth of experience in relocating machinery and large equipment, making it possible for developers, construction companies and farmers to get to work on their next project.

We undertake heavy equipment transportation in Kansas with an eye for safety and logistical excellence. We know that your equipment is essential for your job and your ability to work, which is why we see that it’s transported properly. We’ll get it to where you need it, when you need it, so you can keep your workflow in motion.

Construction equipment

Our experience when it comes to construction equipment transportation in Kansas is simply unparalleled. We’ve worked with numerous companies to streamline the relocation process for a bevy of different equipment items, including:

  • Skid loaders: Skid loaders are a critical addition to many jobsites and are among the first pieces of essential equipment on any new jobsite. We’ll quickly relocate your skid loaders to help expedite the lead time on your next job.
  • Backhoes and earth movers: Excavation and grading require heavy equipment of a massive caliber—equipment that we’re ready to help you move. We can support the oversized frames of backhoes and earth movers to ensure they make it safely to your next work site.
  • Drills: For drilling projects of a sizeable scope, we can properly transport your drilling equipment to ensure it’s ready to go at your next location.

Farming Equipment

If you require farm equipment transportation in Kansas, know that our experience extends to this realm of products as well. We take pride in hauling grain and other products, in addition to the equipment used to plant, tend and harvest. From your largest tiller to threshers, reapers to bailers and beyond, if it needs transportation, know that we can handle it.

For more information about any of our capabilities or to inquire about your specific need for construction or farming equipment transportation, get in touch with us today by calling 620-421-5558. We’re ready to work with you to flesh out the logistics of your equipment transport project and can help you meet your deadlines with expeditious, reliable hauling.